Celebrating Mother’s Day From Home

May 5, 2020


Any mother will tell you that the best gift you can give her would be time spent together. But that is nearly impossible for so many families this year due to the COVID-19 and social distancing rules.

As you may be wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar, I’ve put together a few ideas that may help you!

There are still so many ways to share the love and celebrate the mothers in your life – yourself included if you’re a mom – despite the restrictions.

Here are 5 great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day:

  1. Feed Her Well – Treat mom to some breakfast in bed with a menu of her most desired dishes! You can also send a delivery order from a favorite restaurant to that special mom that may be far away.
  2. Virtual Party – Host a virtual party with your entire family on one of the many video conferencing apps like ZOOM, Skype or WhatsApp! Everyone will enjoy spending time with your special loved one together, even if it’s just virtually!
  3. Special Delivery – Flowers are always an easy go-to for Mother’s Day – but if that’s what she loves, then that’s what she gets! You could also order something online for your loved one to do while at home like a new book, puzzle or craft activity.
  4. Gift Cards – If you have certain traditions you typically follow for Mother’s Day, you can purchase gift cards for mom to use when the restrictions are lifted. You can even create your own personal IOUs for the future!
  5. Provide ‘Me Time’ – All of the ladies in our lives have been working extra hard in their homes over the last few weeks. Allowing them some undisturbed time to read a book, take a bubble bath or even binge watch a Netflix series in peace could just be the best gift yet!


Just because we can’t physically be with the special women in our lives, we can still let them know how much we love and appreciate them! Take the time to make a few more phone calls than last year, send a hand-written note or just let them know how much they mean to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!