Hostess Gifts for The Holidays

October 27, 2022

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With the holidays quickly coming upon us, family and friends will gather for celebrations and memory making. Many new homeowners will be welcoming guests for housewarming parties as well. When you’re attending these special events, many of us were taught to gift your host with something special as a thank you for the invite.

But perhaps that predictable bottle of wine or kitchen towel set has become a bit drab, or you’re completely out of ideas for the person who has everything. Here are a few great ideas that any host and homeowner will appreciate.


Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Set Box

  • Bringing your guest something they can offer to other guests that night or for future occasions is always a great idea. Tea is always a good option as it can be enjoyed any time.

Bamboo Charcuterie Boards Set & Cheese Platter

  • If your host is especially interested in exquisite presentations and making a statement, a beautiful bamboo charcuterie board is the perfect choice. With many options for design and sizes, you can select just the right one for your host.

Marble Wine Chiller Bucket

  • While the bottle of wine may be predictable, a marble wine chiller serves a greater purpose and is the gift that keeps on giving!

Luxury Foaming Hand Soap & Body Lotions

  • A luxury hand soap and lotion caddy for the bathroom can be the perfect gift for a new homeowner. Many brands also carry special holiday collections that can be given during these special occasions.

Glass Cake Plate Stand

  • If you host has a sweet tooth or loves to bake, a glass cake stand with a dome cover is a great choice! You can also double up on the sweetness by bringing a homemade dessert inside!


If any of these ideas interest you, and you’re looking to shop local – let’s chat! I can help point you in the right direction to the best local gift shops to support our small businesses.

Wishing you a great holiday season!