Living Alongside Florida Wildlife

August 30, 2022


Living in northern Palm Beach County and Martin County affords us many opportunities to appreciate Mother Nature and all Her beauty. Whether you live on one of our pristine beaches, along a natural preserve or even in the western areas of the Counties, nature is all around us.

Florida is home to a diverse wildlife population including bobcats, panthers, bears, alligators, tortoises, sea turtles, coyotes and more.  The ability for us to capture what’s going on around with surveillance videos and even our own phones, paired with the sharing power of social media, has heightened our alert to what creatures are living amongst us.

It is possible for us to live in harmony with these beautiful creatures, but we do have to take proper precautions – for our safety, as well as theirs. The reality is that most creatures are more scared of us than we are of them. Still, educating yourself is always the best route.

Here are a few tips to peacefully coexist with our local wildlife:

  • Always keep your trash inside and keep it covered/secured when put outside.
  • Keep your pets inside when they can’t be monitored/observed outside.
  • Close off open spaces in your yard and under decks where wildlife can hide or nest.
  • Install fencing on your property at least 6’ high.
  • Never run away from a predator – make loud noises and act dominant to protect your space.


If you have any questions about the curious wildlife living in your backyard, we have many local resources and I’m happy to provide them to you!