Tips for Selling Your Home Fast!

October 7, 2019

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Selling your home can be a stressful time to many homeowners.  

But luckily for you, when that time comes, you are in the best hands with me as your realtor!  


 It’s my responsibility to make sure that your home not only sells in a timely manner (aka FAST!!) but for the best price point that the current market conditions allow.  

Here are four things that every homeowner should be aware of that will not only gain much traction and interest in your property, but also help to bring in offers and ultimately close the deal!  


Spruce Up Your Yard 

First impressions are everything! A potential buyer may not even get into the front door before they have an opinion of your home depending on the exterior aesthetics.  Cleaning up your yard and making it look welcoming will do not only attract more potential buyers, but research shows that curb appeal can add up to 5% value to your home.  


Fresh Paint 

Potential buyers are drawn to a fresh, clean space when they visit your home. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint – both inside and out – can significantly maximize your chance of receiving an offer. Did your teenager paint their bedroom bright orange five years ago before heading off to college? This is where a fresh neutral tone will help potential buyers envision the space better.  


Depersonalize the Space 

Buyers want to look at a home and be able to see it as if they are moving in right then and there. When people see too much of “you” in the home, they can’t see their future there. Start by removing clutter, clothes, pet toys, stacks of photo frames and other personal items. By removing most things that are personal, you can also make room to have your home staged professionally to enhance its appeal and potential to potential buyers.  


Price Your Home Intelligently 

Pricing is potentially the most critical part in the selling process.  Pricing your home accordingly based on the current market conditions is often the best way to sell your home quickly. If priced too high, you may scare buyers away before they even come to an open house; if priced too low, you may lose out on money. That’s where an experienced agent like myself is able to assist you with neighborhood comparative pricings, history of sales and more information to best price your home to sell fast!