Turtle Friendly Home Lighting

June 2, 2023

Locals and tourists come from all over to enjoy our beaches, but there is a variety of local wildlife that calls the beach their home. Walking along the beach at night, searching and hoping to catch a sea turtle getting itself back into the ocean is always a special treat! From March to October, sea turtle eggs are being nested and turtles are born! However, these young sea turtles are vulnerable when they hatch due to many factors that could harm them; one of the main harmful contributors comes from lighting.

Light is a huge contributor in harming young sea turtles. Bright LED lights affect light pollution, which is harmful to animals and the environment, and they also mimic the natural light that comes from the moon. You’re probably wondering – how does an LED light in a parking lot or outside of someone’s house can mimic the moon?

Many animals use moonlight as a directional guide. When baby turtles hatch, they will follow the moon light out to the ocean to reach their final home. So, since white LED lights are so bright, baby turtles may follow that light mistaking it for the moon and wind up in a parking lot or in somebody’s backyard in harm’s way. That’s why having turtle-safe lighting fixtures is important to ensure turtles’ safety.

I’d like to encourage you this month to learn more about turtle-safe home lighting and the positive impact it has in our environment and ecosystem. Have questions or want more information? Give me a call or send an email so I can direct you to professional and reputable sources! Raise a fin for turtle friendly lighting and protection!